Alternate Ideas for Your Wedding

Maine wedding receptions are unique and fun, here are a few ideas from your DJs to help make your reception one-of-a-kind!

The Bride & Groom Kissing. The bride & groom will only kiss when an entire table stands and sings one verse from a song with the word "Love" in it. This method replaces the standard 'clinking' of the glasses, traditionally used at Maine Wedding receptions.

Having an Anniversary Waltz. Married couples are asked to get onto the dance floor. The DJ then plays an anniversary waltz. Within a few seconds the disc jockey asks that anyone married today must sit down. Couples married less than 5, 10, 20, 25 years are then asked to sit down (in 5 year increments). Eventually we are left with the couple that has been married the longest at your wedding reception. In Maine, some brides & grooms have a prepared gift to give to this couple. For weddings where the bouquet & garter toss will not be done, this is a great replacement.

Giving away the centerpieces. There are three traditional ways in Maine to give away the centerpieces. Putting a piece of tape under one chair at teach table is a common way but can be awkward with everyone getting up and turning over their chairs. Another method is to give away the centerpiece to the person whose birthday is closest to the date of the wedding at each table with the disc jockey simply making an announcement at a specified time. Finally (and my favorite way), the DJ asks that one person at each table come up with a dollar bill. The dollar bill is then passed from one guest to another around the table while the disc jockey plays a piece of music. When the music stops, the person holding the dollar bill gets to keep the dollar. The person who came up with the dollar bill gets the centerpiece.

Want something different for your guests to fill-out when they first get to the wedding reception? Check out our new Wedding Surveys and get ready to laugh at the results!

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